Conversation Group / Group Classes

Small classes are offered every Sunday afternoon in south Austin so please check the current classes.   Austin Japanese Speakers Meetup

They are $20 for an hour and half.  We focus a lot on practical conversation and pronunciation, while still focusing on building a strong grammatical foundation.   The goal is to speak like native Japanese speakers.

  • The beginner classes teach you from the basic greetings to composing simple sentences about daily routines as well as writing and reading hiragana, katakana, and basic kanji.  For those who have not yet started practicing writing hiragana and katakana, I can provide writing practice materials upon request.
  • The intermediate classes are more focused on conversation and you write a daily journal entry in Japanese as an assignment, which you share in class to solidify the particles, reading, speaking, and composition.

A conversation practice group meets at Mr. Natural on S. Lamar every Saturday 2pm-4pm.  It is free to attend.  Practice makes perfect.  But, living in Austin, where the Japanese population is very small, there aren’t many opportunities to practice.  This is where you can practice with the other learners and native Japanese speakers.  Anyone who is willing to learn is welcome.  All levels are welcome.  Even though these meetups are for the members of The Austin Japanese Speakers, anyone interested can come check it out without becoming a member.  We’re a group of very supportive and friendly people.  We’d look forward to meeting you!

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