Here’s what some of my students have to say about my lessons.

Jon says:

“I studied Japanese with Kazki for nine months, from November 2005 until July 2006. I could not have been happier with the lessons that I received from Kazki. I was a low-level student of Japanese when we began, having taken only a few sessions of a UT informal class and a two-week vacation to Japan. What I found best about Kazki for a student like myself was his English fluency. Kazki is able to explain fine points of Japanese in fluent English, and when you’re starting out and still confused about particles and grammar that was a great resource.

Kazki was also great at tailoring the lessons to my needs. I was taking lessons from him for the specific purpose of preparing myself to move to Japan. He took that into account and we would slowly build up from basic everyday phrases needed in Japanese daily life to the vocabulary and kanji necessary to go shopping and buy the ingredients for Japanese meals. He would plan lessons for me where we would do 7 to 10 sentences that focussed on a single theme, and for each sentence he would use different colored inks to show me the yomi for the kanji, the parts of speech, the literal English translation, the more general translation, and even the inflections. These lessons were perfect for my learning style, and I always looked forward to my lessons with Kazki. As I got ready to depart, he went beyond the call of duty and took me to the asian grocery store to familiarize me with the packaging of the Japanese staples. He even taught me how to clean and cook mackerel and squid. I think it is a testament to Kazki’s skill as a teacher that I studied with him up until the week of my departure, that we became friends and still keep in touch, and that even five months after my arrival in Japan I refer to my notes from our lessons regularly. I could not have wished for a more ideal tutor.”

Kelly says:

“Prior to meeting with Kazki, I’d taken Japanese courses at college, but I was so shy that I rarely practiced speaking it. Lessons with Kazki are always entertaining, and he’s very patient. He’s very good at helping with pronunciation and has really helped me start feeling more comfortable in conversation. I have a long way to go, but he’s been so patient and helpful.”

Evan says:

“Kazki-san is a great, personable Japanese instructor. He focuses on issues and challenges confronting the individual student. He also has a great system to teach syllable emphasis so students can sound more like native Japanese speakers. Highly recommended.”

Markus says:

“I have been taking private lessons in Japanese from Kazki since autumn
2006. Kazki has helped me develop my reading and conversational skills and has also tutored me in pronunciation. I have come to know Kazki as a mature, serious, and committed teacher. He has been very perceptive in detecting my individual strengths and weaknesses, and has always given me helpful and articulate advice. He is also respectful, pleasant to talk to and fun to work with. I can highly recommend him as a private tutor in Japanese at any level of proficiency.”

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